Preparations for Seasonal Festivities are almost done, cleaned the house yesterday and ticked-off the final item on my 'to do'list. What a luxury! A whole day free to write! Okay, so why am I not writing, you ask? Well, had to update this blog first, didn't I? And I've just heard that Michael Caine is on Desert Island Discs, so, as I'm a huge fan, gotta listen to that, right? Then I'll have a bit of lunch. I've a portion of chilli left over from last night. Then I might pop out and take some more photos of the snow before it melts and the sun goes down... Then I'll start writing. Mmm, perhaps I'd better make a New Year's Resolution to nip the 'avoidance activity' in the bud.
Season's Greetings, Cool Yule and a very Happy New Year! Cx


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