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Showing posts from December, 2009
I woke up with an idea for a Scarlett Dedd sequel this morning. I must work out what I ate last night to trigger 'dream-a-teen-novel'.
Preparations for Seasonal Festivities are almost done, cleaned the house yesterday and ticked-off the final item on my 'to do'list. What a luxury! A whole day free to write! Okay, so why am I not writing, you ask? Well, had to update this blog first, didn't I? And I've just heard that Michael Caine is on Desert Island Discs, so, as I'm a huge fan, gotta listen to that, right? Then I'll have a bit of lunch. I've a portion of chilli left over from last night. Then I might pop out and take some more photos of the snow before it melts and the sun goes down... Then I'll start writing. Mmm, perhaps I'd better make a New Year's Resolution to nip the 'avoidance activity' in the bud.
Season's Greetings, Cool Yule and a very Happy New Year! Cx
Phew! Two days of recovery after an exhausting week! Just as one exciting project reaches the final sprint ten more come over the horizon. Spent the whole of last Friday discussing future plans with three VIPs (agent, editor and a lovely old friend) - new books, new characters, a new website and even a revisit to my glam past life in fashion! SO looking forward to 2010. Bring it on!
(from 'Scarlett Dedd')