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Been reading, tweaking and totally immersed in the world of 'Scarlett Dedd' today. I SO love these video-mad teens. Strangely, they appear to be much cooler than I remember them. Did they take on a life of their own when I wasn't looking? Ooo... spooky! Can't wait 'til it's finally finished and worthy of my lovely readers and you can immerse yourselves too.
'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
I'm 'tweaking' SCARLETT DEDD this weekend and am hoping to show the rough layouts to one of my 'teen advisers' on Tuesday. Really craving feedback right now - Is Scarlett still funny? Will my readers identify with the characters and, more importantly, LIKE them, even when they do unpleasant things? Does the shock ending make sense and do you see it coming? So many questions to ask!
Spent the whole day with Flat-Ember and Maura at Christ's College... and didn't want to leave. Christ's College Rocks! Thanks for making us so welcome. Loads of creative talent - particularly impressed by student who said she didn't think she'd want Superhero abilities as she was happy with the way she was. How completely cool and sorted is that? Awesome!
Confirmation that I'll be doing a WHOLE DAY of workshops on Friday 23rd - as part of the Guildford Book Festival. Can't wait. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to chat with my readers (and future readers?) about their ideas and aspirations, but mostly just to have a bloomin' good laugh! Great way to end the week.
A lovely workshop yesterday at St Catherine's... small group but big imaginations! I really enjoyed our discussion. Well, perhaps it was mostly me talking (as usual) because I have a slightly sore throat today! Very interesting stuff about the ethical dilemma of controlling time and space or having the powers to change yourself or the world. Thought-provoking and very intelligent. Lost of ideas for my next books!
Catch Flamegrrl and Flat-Ember at the Guildford Book Festival, 14th t0 24th Oct. We're doing a workshop on the 19th.
'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
Reading 'Screenplay' by Syd Field at the moment (in fact, it's keeping me awake all night) and I mean REALLY reading it, not skimming through under the mistaken opinion that I'd read the same advice elsewhere, in other 'how to...' books. SO wrong! It's full of such inspiration, amazing insights and observations - a complete revelation. Not only that, I now find myself looking back at everything I've ever written and seeing it for the rubbish that it is! I want to rewind and start my writing career all over again. I was scribbling notes for books 3 and 4, in bed at 2.15 this morning, even tempted to get up and walk the ten or so paces to my laptop to start major re-writes! NO, Cathy! Must focus on 'Scarlett Dedd', make her perfect, then start getting 'Dot' and 'Echo' into shape in November/December. Not for the first time, I'm reminded why my motto is 'Too much to do, too l…
Just got back from a brilliant morning in Dorking. Yay, Ashcome students - you are awesome! I had such a good time and you made us feel so welcome. Flat-Ember was relieved that the rain had stopped so she didn't have to suffocate in a plastic bag on the way home - it's bad enough getting stuffed in the back of my car! Thanks to everyone, especially Annette. I was completely blown-away by all your ideas and particularly liked the beautiful drawings (v cool outfits) and 'Bullet-proof dandruff'! So funny! Hahahahaha!
'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
While writing the 'Ember Fury' animation screenplay, it has occurred to me how exciting it is to work in another medium - moving image - and perhaps even more thrilling, the prospect of a collaboration with others. I've been looking at some incredible showreels this week and re-discovering artists, film-makers and cinematographers I met years ago, most of whom seemed then to have amazing expertise and skills so far removed from my own sphere. I never imagined I might be seeking them out again, or that I'd be approaching them about my own feature project. Though I'm completely open about my role in bringing 'Ember' to the screen, I am feeling more and more comfortable with the title 'writer/director'. If someone now comes along and offers to take her out of my hands, it might be a wrench but hey, beggars can't be choosers! I'm also resigned to the prospect of a long and possibly unsuccessful search for funding. Who knows? At least I ha…