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Showing posts from September, 2009
Had a great day with Flat-Ember in Worthing on Saturday. Thanks Charlotte. Awesome to chat with fans and (I hope) future fans of 'Ember Fury', especially Amelia, Jack and Atlanta. Yay Worthing teens! Perhaps you'll invite me back next summer when 'Scarlett Dedd' hits the bookshelves?
The illustrations for 'Scarlett Dedd' are about two-thirds done and I've been having a bit of fun with type too. I've kinda set myself a challenge to make each spread as interesting as possible and to make 'dynamic' layouts. Here's the latest pic. It's from near the beginning, when the friends are making one of their horror videos, hence the plastic bottle of fake blood!
'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
I had a sketchbook weekend - doing lots of new stuff and going through the old ones. I have a whole shelf of them in my studio going back more than 10 or even 15 years. I like some of the covers I did a while ago and might use them to inspire the illustrations for 'Scarlett Dedd'. I think a trip to the art shop is on the cards - need white ink, coloured paper and a load more mapping pens.
Had an awesome EMBER FURY day in Norwich yesterday. Thanks to Rob at Borders for looking after us and special thanks to all the brilliant students and teachers I met. Wow! What great schools! I really enjoyed the drawing - mine and yours. Hope you all like 'Ember' and enter the 'Scarlett Dedd' competition. Yay Norwich! A very cool place!
'Ember Fury' © Cathy Brett 2009
Ember Fury started at another new school this week. Have they been warned? Aargh! Don't get her miffed and don't let her near those matches!