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I'm drawing a new character today - Grim De'Ath. He's very cool, wears black Converse All Stars and has an ipod pocket in his shroud.
'Ember Fury' is Border's Children's Book of the Month - cool huh? Planning the 'sizzling-hot' launch event at the moment. Come along if you're in the area. Barton's Bookshop, Bridge Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, 8th August 2009, 11 - 4.30.
Drawing Scarlett Dedd today; rain and ominous, dark skies creating the perfect gloomy, scary mood. Ember's latest IM said: wet, cold and bored... might have 2 warm things up a bit!? lol E x
'Ember Fury' © Cathy Brett 2009
Ember just emailed me. She sounded a little jealous, saying that I'm spending too much time on all these other characters when she should be the most important person in my life right now. The mood she's in, I hope she doesn't have access to any matches...

'Ember Fury' © Cathy Brett 2009
Promotion of 'Ember Fury' is starting to take up more of my time so I'm making the most of these last few weeks before launch to write book 3. 'Dot' and her quiet south coast village are keeping me at my laptop late into the night right now. I'm just reaching the major plot climax, the breath-taking, mind-blowing, devastating event that changes everyone's lives. So thrilling to write! I love these characters and am looking foward so much to resolving their amazing story. Still several surprises and plot twists to come so back to work...
I took a short break from Scarlett Dedd and her friends this weekend, to type the synopsis for a new book. I've had this 2012 idea in my head for a couple of weeks but have only just worked out how to end the story. It's gonna be very dramatic! It's full of surprises and huge plot twists too. I'm writing it as three separate first person narratives and am really enjoying developing their different voices. The characters are in their late teens and I love being able to give them slightly more freedom than I've allowed the characters in previous books. More risk-taking and loads more passion. I'm so excited about writing it that I'm hardly getting any sleep at the moment. There are never enough hours in a day... or days in a week... etc. The only solution is to be more disciplined. I am designing a super-efficient filing system to keep all the characters and plots in order. They have been having a wild party in my head, but now it's over and tim…
Ember just texted me to suggest that she should be the one visiting bookshops and schools this Autumn, as her name is bigger than mine on the cover. AND there's a drawing of her on it too... not me! I guess she's in one of THOSE moods today. Probably had one too many latt├ęs or been listening to Biffy Clyro too loud!

'Ember Fury' © Cathy Brett 2009
I'm developing the 'Scarlett Dedd' characters this week and finding it hard to draw teens in October coats and scarves while it's 30 degrees outside. Enjoying having a slightly bigger ensemble cast this time, though. Scarlett and her friends make me laugh every day, especially when they're wearing their Halloween costumes or getting spooked by the dead Dedds!

© Cathy Brett 2009