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I found the Dedd's house this week - it's a REAL building - well, after a bit of tweaking and with a lot of artistic licence, it has become the the Dedd's haunted house. I added the conservatory and made it narrower, for example. I'd absolutely love to live in it, so if it's yours and you want to sell...

'Scarlett Dedd' © Cathy Brett 2009
© Cathy Brett 2009
Started working on a new book this week. I'm quite excited about this one as I think it might become an 'Ember Fury' prequel. At least, I have plans to introduce a particular character... won't say any more. Keep you guessing for a bit.
The illustrations for 'Scarlett Dedd' are taking shape. I'm drawing every day. Quite difficult to have three books on the go at the same time, though. I had to do some 'Ember' stuff this week and it took a while to switch my brain back.