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I've become an accomplished time-waster - here's a great scheme: build a scale model of your own home! Bonkers?!

I guess the next time I'm asked why I didn't meet a deadline, the evidence is here.
© Cathy Brett 2009
'Ember Fury' publishing date is getting closer every day. It's been a very long wait and I'm looking forward to visiting schools, doing workshops and to start promoting. I've not done much teaching this year but have a few days lined-up at UCA (Epsom) on the AimHigher programme. Brilliant fun last year - amazingly talented students - so I hope it's as good this time. I'll be teaching Fashion PR and Marketing, so I'd better brush-up on what's happening out there. I've been lost in teen fiction for a while and probably need to reconnect with the world of style and glamour!
Got feedback on my second book (Scarlett Dedd) from my editor, at last! She likes it and actually thinks it's funny... phew! I was nervous about writing comedy, as it's so hard to pull off. It was even harder to get the balance between laughs and horror, although, when I think about it, Black Comedy has always been my favourite genre. I guess I can call myself a real author now. I'm on cloud nine and hope I never come down.
'Rot the Roadkill Puppy', 'Scarlett Dedd' © 2009
Mmm... Didn't quite keep to my plan. Why did the weather have to be so darn gorgeous?! Did hardly any writing, a bit of half-hearted doodling and alot of pottering in the garden. Oh, and some gazing into space while curled-up in a deckchair! All part of the creative process... honest!